Jan 162012

I’ve been a fan of Canadian film director David Cronenberg for years, and I was most pleased to get the opportunity to write about his new film A Dangerous Method. (Or rather, be paid to write about it.)

This was even harder than I usually find writing, as I wanted to make this special and not just throw something down on the screen. I took out just about every book in the library on Cronenberg, and even tracked down a 37-year-old review of his first feature, Shivers, which the reviewer called “the most repulsive film I’ve ever seen.” 26 years later, Cronenberg walked away from Cannes with a special jury prize.

I also had to delay because it took forever for the film to screen here in Vancouver. I got it done and submitted Sunday night.

Currently there are two other paying projects on the go, with one finished but waiting on a clarification about rights and payment, the other in progress. There’s also a fiction story that I have a buyer for, but I’m procrastinating about signing the contract. In back of that is a work-for-hire project that would be a major undertaking, with money and a topic that interests me, but with less creative control.

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